Tuesday, 16 August 2016

All About Lips #117

Catrice Luxury Lips Intensive Care Gloss looks like a lip oil and it had me all intrigued.

The applicator is a little stiff and does not feel very spongy. The gloss also smells a little plastic like.

Now from the swatch of it on my arm, there does not seem to be much colour but I think that you need to read on!

Here I am without any lip products.

Here, I have put the product on half my lips, just the left side and you can see that the colour of my lips are actually different and they are visibly plumped because it is a glossy finish.

Here is the lip gloss all over and the colour of my lips have a slight coral tinge to it, just slightly.

Personally I would not recommend this from Catrice as the smell is really not the nicest. The mascara on the other hand, is really nice and I highly recommend that!

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