Tuesday, 9 August 2016

All About Lips #116

I finally located the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mint To Be!

Basically I promised myself I would only pick one of it up despite the whole collection looking so adorable and I had my eye on this blue one.

It was available on Sephora's online site but it was not in any of the stores and there was a discrepancy in pricing so I waited. It turns out that paid off because the pricing was adjusted and Voila! I now have it in my handbag!

So here is the product, deconstructed. There is a rather large but pointy and soft sponge applicator that you can swipe or dab with. The actual container of oils and pigment has a little metal ball to help with the mixture when you shake the mixture up!

Here I have swatched it on my arm and you can just about see the slight blue tinge but it is mainly shiny!

So here I am without any lip products.

Here is how you apply the product, and you can either dab or swipe it on! I swiped here since I was not wearing anything else.

Here you can see the shininess of the product on my lips, like a lovely gloss!

Now the blue tinge is supposed to make teeth look whiter, but I have to say I cannot detect that in the photos.

I even tried another angle to see if it is more detectable that way but nada.

I decided to show you a picture taken with another camera just to show you the product from a different light and again, it looks like I have lip balm or lip gloss on.

If it is a lip enhancer you are looking for, you need one of the ones with colour and not this one. I picked this because it is really something different.

Do I love it? Yes, absolutely, it lives in my handbag now! #bantheboring ;)

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