Friday, 1 July 2016

June Favourites

June has genuinely been a good month for products and I have more than a few favourites! As always some are new and some are tried and tested!

 Starting off with the only bodycare item, we have the amazing inhibitif hair-free intimate care which provides hydration and slows down hair growth. I have tried this and then not used it for a while to properly test out the anti-hair growth part and yes, it does work. I have already done a full review HERE where I raved about it too but I have rediscovered it this month and let's just say you will be seeing it in an empties post soon.

I have 3 items for skincare and you may recognise two products which have been featured repeatedly.

First up, the classic Lancome Bi-Facil which I adore. I have just bought a double pack from the airport because it is cheaper there. This has never disappointed me and I love it for its efficiency.

Another favourite is this Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum which is so hydrating and every time I use this, my face is less oily because there is so much hydration. The only niggle I have is the scent of this, which is so highly fragranced (in my opinion). I do highly rate it and if you can get it easily (such as at Boots in UK) I would stock up. It is quite expensive in Malaysia so I am hunting for another option.

A new discovery, and one I plan to write a full review up on, is this The Body Shop Skin Defence. It is an essence instead of a lotion of cream and it is so lightweight and has a delicate scent. I can detect a whiff of alcohol as it settles in (within seconds) but I really rate this. It does not dry my skin out and is an excellent base for make up.

Next up, is the make up. There are quite a few bits here as you can see!

The two lip products are the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in 203 Eau De Corail and you can check swatches HERE and Estee Lauder Liquid Lipstick in Quiet Riot which I will review soon!

But here are some swatches on my arm just to show you the colours and these have just been my go-to lip colours this month! 

Another favourite is this Inglot Freedom System which I have built. Obviously this is not complete, but I am loving all 3 things in it so far. I have done a proper review HERE and the shades are just super complimentary.  I particularly love the blush which is such a soft lovely pink and the sculpting powder is really sheer and flattering.

Lastly is this innisfree nail polish in the colour which Bob picked. She has excellent tastes as usual and I love this for a nude look.

By the way, if any of you are wondering, the little dog is called Storm, after my very own dachshund spitz mix. My mum saw this in Japan and brought her back because she's perfect. She's in this month's favourite but she'll always be a favourite and will be featured more on the blog as she is so close to my heart.

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