Sunday, 3 July 2016

empties #26

Am I the only one who likes to look at other people's empties/thrash? 

First up, TWO micellar waters. The nivea one is not as great as the bifesta so save your money and go for the big bottle of bifesta.

The Sephora Marine Algae sleeping mask I love, the H&M quinoa mask burst before I used it, and I tried it. It is alright but nothing to shout about at all. I would not repurchase the H&M but I am thinking of getting the full size of the Sephora sleeping mask.

Another one of these Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster Serum and I really like this serum. It's a glow giver and really beautiful. I prefer a hydrating serum but I would recommend this.

Next up, let's look at some haircare products that I have finished up.

The Molton Brown Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner is actually lovely for shampoo and conditioner but I don't like the scent. I would try out other scents but bearing in mind these are unisex and hotel products, they are really nice and I am glad that I got to try out the brand!

Another M Boutique shampoo is done and this smells really fresh and I love it for my make up brushes.

The Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle Conditioner I cannot make my mind up about. I used to really like it and then I did not but now I think it is alright, but it is so choked full of silicones and I don't think my scalp particularly thanks me for it.

Then we have some body products.

More Molton Brown. The Molton Brown White Sandalwood Body Wash and Nourishing Body Lotion smells really good and both are excellent products. The Body Wash is lovely but the real gem is the Body Lotion which just feels really light and smells incredible.

I tried to stretch this out but it's done. The Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion smells incredible and I want to repurchase.

I am done with The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet, I was obsessed with this scent but I think I have grown out of it now so will not repurchase. I also prefer the body butters than the body sorbet which is an interesting texture but not my personal favourite.

I finished up this Be Good To Afternoon Tea Lotion bar and it is SO GOOD. I just picked it up but it is already gone but rest assured I have a blog post coming up soon. Highly recommend and yes I will be repurchasing.

The only make up I have finished are these three mascaras.

The Maybelline Sensational Waterproof mascara smudges. Love the wand, not so much the waterproof-fail.

Catrice Glamour Doll Waterproof Volume Mascara is excellent - I have already repurchased and given this to friends and family.

The Lancome Volume-a-porter Mascara fans out lashes beautifully and leaves the lashes really soft - a feature that is heavily emphasised but personally I have no problems with crispy lashes as I do not touch them and waterproof versions tend to leave lashes quite dry. This, although it fans really nicely, did not hold my curl up.

Finally, we have a whole bunch of miscellaneous items.

This shower puff came with a soap and it has done its time and I think it is more than due the time to bin it so bye bye.

I have just changed my Colgate Omron toothbrush head and I prefer the sensitive ones so this is the one I am binning. I like my electric toothbrush and will not be changing until it goes bust.

This is so random, but I love the Redoxon Double Action Vitamin C & Zinc and I have now bought the big ones because I really think it gives me a boost of energy and helps me feel better if I am quite down.

This Rohto Cool Eye Drops have passed the 1 month mark and I really don't want an eye infection so I am saying goodbye to it. I had bought another one with less minty effect but I did not enjoy it as much so I have repurchased this. It is pretty amazing.

Watsons soothing baby wipes are nice and good for removing eye make up and lip swatches on my arm and the back of my hand. I do have more so I do not need to restock anytime soon. I do not think it is outstanding, it is just like any other baby wipes, no problems.

This has disappointingly gone really gloopy and I have about half left but have to chuck it. This did not come cheap so I will not be repurchasing.

Another ikea candle bites the dust! More glass jars for storage for me.

That is it! If you have read until here, thank you for staying and reading all of it!

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