Sunday, 17 July 2016

Innisfree Long Lasting Cushion

This the first cushion I picked up and just a spoiler alert - I have since picked up the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion and gotten a friend to pick up her very own Cushion too!

Thankfully despite everything being in Korean, there is an English sticker for some basic information.

So like every cushion foundation in the market, there is a good mirror in the compact.

The innisfree sponge is also replaceable or you could pick up a few back ups while you wash your sponge.

So the sponge is quite dinky and you could just about fit two fingers in (I have quite small-ish hands) so you could really have three fingers but two is comfortable.

The sponge is very soft and smooth and picks up the product nicely as I will demonstrate below.

Thankfully there is a cover for the actual cushion to keep it from drying out.

When your cushion is new there is a sticker to peel off, which ensures the freshness of the product.

Here's another look at it!

And then voila! Here is the actual product and I was so tempted to stick my finger in it.

The sponge fits the cushion just nice, and I recommend tapping gently!

So that is how the sponge looks with product picked up and it is nice that it does not all soak into the sponge completely.

Here it is tapped on the back of my hand.

Here it is blended out and it looks really smooth.

Now we begin with clearly no make up on my skin at all.

Here is an upclose before we move in to the cushion foundation make up.

Now, I said to go easy on the tapping earlier because I went a bit crazy and this is way too much foundation for just one side of my face.

I tap rather than swipe on the product.

Here it is all blended out on the one side of my face.

The shade is just a touch lighter than I am and as you can see it has brightened the face up and covered up the redness of my skin.

Here it is all over my face and it looks just a touch ashy on my skin before any bronze and colour.

Here is a close up of the skin to show you texture. It is not as high coverage as the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (reviewed HERE) but it is one of my higher coverage foundations.

Here I am with a the rest of my make up done but forgetting to put a lip colour on as that is what I usually put on before I step out.

Here is a shot to show how powder products sit on the foundation. The blush and contour are powder formulas and I have not powdered on top of the foundation because there was really no need.

Here is a close up and I have to say I really like this cushion! In fact, I like it so much that when my friend visited I asked her to pick it up and I love it when I don't have a tan (it's already a touch light!). Have you tried this out?

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