Saturday, 25 June 2016

The great Sephora disappointment

The great Sephora disappointment. I hear you asking why, so let me tell you the story.

I think the initial disappointment of getting an empty sachet, was further enhanced when I wrote in and all I received was an apology. Granted I did not demand for anything when I first wrote in, I thought, maybe I ought to prompt them so I replied asking what Sephora Malaysia plans to do about it and this is when I was told that they would check if the warehouse still has this sample and if they do, they can send it to me when I next place an online order.

I was delighted at this particularly because I really wanted to try this - hello? I picked this sample for a reason.

However, when I placed my next order, the order actually arrived at my doorsteps before my email was responded to, and of course we can all guess that this sample was not in it. Surprise surprise.

I did get an email apologising that the order arrived too quickly. I then enquired if there was a possibility of the sample being sent by regular mail to me and was quickly informed no but that that if I could inform them when I make a next order.

At this point, I ask about what I ought to do because clearly that method did not work because customer service takes quite a while to respond, by which point the warehouse would have packed my order.

Instead of a solution, I was emailed that the sample is now out of stock and if I could just select one of the available sample with my purchase. So essentially I can pick a sample that I would have picked anyway and the sample which I was sent which was EMPTY is swept under the rug and ignored?

The whole thing would have been less disappointing if Sephora was a small boutique beauty but this is a global company whose management should be more on point and quick to respond. Not only has this whole thing dragged on from 30.5.2016 (when the first email was sent by me), the solution is a non-solution.

So what is happening now is that I am not able to try the Skin Inc Overnight Wonder, Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. Some of you may think that it was a free sample and I ought not to be so upset by it. However, all orders come with free samples and it is almost like it is included in the purchases and prices you pay. It is not a big deal, but it has been made big by a company's lack of ability to shut down a small matter. Not only did I get an empty sample (a mistake, clearly) but I was promised the item in my next order, so did someone forget that?

My disappointment is great and I am not going to beat around the bush about it. If I swear off Sephora, I know it will not affect them much, but I am considering not shopping at Sephora Malaysia anymore, particularly the online store. This might be healthier for my bank account. Be it what it is, Sephora, I expected better from you.

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