Friday, 24 June 2016


So a recent holiday away at Tanjong Jara Resort at Terengganu was amazing. I actually am trying to put together a post and perhaps a video for this holiday. Let's look at the beauty items I grabbed though.

Right before that, I thought I really had to share this gorgeous bath that I really enjoyed.

I love that they provided bath salts as well, so that I didn't have to use any shower bits to soak in.

Not going to lie, I wanted the glass jar...... and the little salts that just look so beautiful. WANT.

Bath salts are gorgeous, there's no bubbles but they are very soothing. Anyway, onto the actual beauty stuff!

First of all, there was quite a lot of things.

Let's look at my favourite first- the Mangosteen soap. This smells lightly of fruit and is just a beautiful shape.

These came in two sizes, the smaller is for hand soap and the bigger is for the body. I love the shape and embossing on the soap. It is always the small details that make the item.

I like to grab hotel toothbrushes to do spot cleanings on my clothings and just random usage. I also keep one in most of my bags because I do not want to not have a clean toothbrush if I want to brush my teeth or I am stuck somewhere.

Then there is the Mangosteen shaving cream and razor. These can be useful on the go and I think I will leave one in my bag for any situations which may arise as well. Hopefully the disposable razor is not disappointing.

These I used most of them so I only have 2 to show you. I prefer more cotton pads and cotton buds but again, because it is sealed up, it is so easy to just throw in the bag. I actually have this in my travel skincare bag.

Next is an array of shower caps and sanitary bags. These are always useful and handy to have.

So I actually packed the extras into one box each to make things easier to transport. The boxes are pretty, but they are not the most practical for travelling.

The Mangosteen Cucumber & Mint Shampoo smells really refreshing and is the perfect partner for a holiday away.

I was not as keen on the Mangosteen Watermelon Conditioner because it smelled too much like synthetic fruit and made me feel slightly nauseous whenever I used it.

The Mangosteen Pomelo Shower Gel is slightly different as I have never actually used anything scented Pomelo at all. This smells fresh, but less zingy than lemon or lime. Very lovely.

The Mangosteen Pomegranate Body Lotion is lovely and light. It smells amazing and again, is a joy to use.

The packaging for these look cute and photograph quite well but the cap is actually not the most practical. It is very hard to open when your hands are wet because of the shape of the cap. A bit of a fail when you think about items like these which are obviously kept in the bathroom and used when showering!

However, I am very impressed with the toiletries provided and I am keen to get more of the Mangosteen soap for sure!

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