Sunday, 12 June 2016

A little bit of Inglot

This happened. Yes.

There are various freedom palettes to choose from but I picked this one which allows quite a lot of flexibility. I have chosen one blusher and one contour and one eyeshadow.

I actually picked up the contour which is called  HD Sculpting Powder in 508 and it costs RM50.00 which is just under £10.

The blusher is in shade 20 and costs RM 45.00 which is just under £9.

The eyeshadow is a matte one in 357 and costs RM 35.00 which is just under £7.

So I could either choose to have 1 more eyeshadow and 1 more face powder or 3 more eyeshadows. The products all stick on because of the magnet.

Here are finger swatches of the products and I am loving all of them actually. The contour is subtle but easy to use. The blusher is beautiful and really up my alley, I love these sort of baby pink. The eyeshadow is an easy one wash over the lids sort of shade.

I am currently loving this and I can see myself using these loads. I do think I will pick up a black eyeshadow but I am putting a lot of thought into this so that I can bring it everywhere with me. 

Overall, major thumbs up from me. Check out Inglot, I am so glad I have!

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