Sunday, 3 April 2016

What I got from Sephora

Okay, so somehow this post got lost in all the drafts... but this was actually a Christmas present from my sister and then a cheeky purchase on my part.

I saw this Sephora sample size masks and could not help myself so I picked up this Marine Algae sleeping mask to try out!

I actually really like the gift packaging, which features a more space theme, and if you purchase individual products they wrap it up, but when there's a bigger haul, it's put in a bag like this one.

I really like how the rocket looks like a lipstick. It's very smart!

There is a lot of tissue, and this picture was partially taken in jest, and partially just to show you the ball of mess.

So here are the other two items in the Sephora bag.

Let's start with my cheeky purchase, the Burberry Contour Pen. I picked up Shade Light-Medium instead of Medium-Dark, as recommended by a sales assistant at Sephora. I will be posting on this product soon.

Then, is this gorgeous Tarte Energy Noir Eye & Cheek Palette.

This has been something I have been eyeing but I could not decide whether to get it. Basically my sister asked me to choose an item for my Christmas present and initially I wanted a Christmas set.

However the selection was overwhelming and so I decided to pick this up since I had been eyeing it!

I also thought that this may be my perfect travel palette, seeing as I love my other Tarte palette but the round circle annoys me. All the shades inside are actually perfect, but the packaging annoys me....
So this one might be the one!

Again, I'll be writing about this in an individual post!

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