Friday, 1 April 2016

April's Fools

Starting the post today with something a little different in celebration of April's Fools Day! Keep reading for some makeup details.

First up is my dearest friend Putu visiting me a few weeks ago and here is her trying out the H&M Lip Colour-To-Go in Zinfandel.
Look at the level of concentration!

I do think that this looks stunning on Putu, really dark and very sexy.

Putu also gifted me this lovely set as a belated Christmas present so you can be sure that I will be reviewing the individual products on All About Lips posts!

Just for laughs, I might get murdered by Putu for posting these photos.... Anyway, here's the standard, mess the hair up for a selfie.

Followed by a selfie obviously

Then a bit of a failed attempt at taking the product off with dry tissue. Don't do this. Just use a make up remover wipe or some micellar water!

Anyway, because we wanted to take some silly photos together, here is a whole lot of pictures of us being silly!

Obviously Doodle came to gatecrash the party and stole the show!

Then we had this brilliant idea of doing each other's make up, in a bad way.

Different blush colours on each cheek is definitely a new in-thing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the silliness that accompanied the post. I've also gifted Putu some things (apart from her actual Christmas present) which did not work out for me. 

The Clinique and Eucerin foundations both have high SPF and are both too dark for me. 
The Korres Lip Butter I prefer the other colour and flavour so I am gifting this Pomegranate one. 
I've also said goodbye to Benefit's Cha Cha tint as BeneTint is my favourite so I'm just keeping that one.
The Make Up Revolution liquid blusher colour is slightly too warm and orange for me but looks beautiful on Putu (she's wearing it on one cheek in the photos above actually)
The BareMinerals Marvellous Moxie lipgloss is tingly and I really don't like that.
Same goes to the Laura Mercier lip gloss which is a STUNNING colour and I am quite sad to say goodbye to but again, the tingling is not something I like at all.
The Revlon lipstick feels beautiful and is a really nice colour but because it is not matte and moves around, I don't ever use it for fear of lipstick ending up on my chin. I prefer my bold colours to be matte.
The last thing is the Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour in Gilt. I prefer a cooler gold colour so I've kept my Jouer creme eyeshadow in Rococo and given this one away. 

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