Friday, 22 April 2016

Sephora Mini Eyeshadow Trio

I almost forgot to pick up this present from Sephora. It is so nice when stores and shops give you a present for your birthday rather than a discount (or both!)

It is quite small, and I already knew from my email that it is a trio of mini eyeshadows.

Here is the sleeve off and you can see the classic Sephora Black & White stripes and I have placed Hagrid the Hedgehog back into the shot because he is so adorable and because he is a good size reference for the make up.

There are three shades - Shade No 72, No 80, No 49 and the email includes a little tutorial on how to use the shades but basically, do what you want to with the colours.

I am pretty impressed with the pigmentation of the shades, this is a one swipe from the pans directly and the pay off is very decent! None of them are noticeably powdery of anything.

I have not had a chance to use it on my eyes but I am really happy with these and I am planning to take this along with me on holidays or events.

Have you had a birthday gift from a store/shop that you really liked?

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