Tuesday, 19 April 2016

All About Lips #100

I thought it only seemed appropriate to commemorate the 100th All About Lips blogpost with the best of the lip category - lip care i.e. the ever needed lip balm. Here are two that I have most recently picked up to try!

Available in most drugstores/chemists, these lip balms do not break the bank and come with a good recommendation.

Here is a swatch of the two products on my arm so that you can get an idea of the finish and colour intensity for the Maybelline Baby Lips.

Here I am just wearing the Nivea Watering Lip Balm and it is colourless but provides a soft sheen to the lips.

Here I am wearing Maybelline Baby Lips and you can see that it gives a soft tint of colour compared to the Nivea lip balm.

If you prefer a tint of colour, the Maybelline Baby Lips is better for that, but I personally prefer the feel of the Nivea Watering Lip Balm because it is softer and balmier, an absolute delight to use.

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