Tuesday, 26 April 2016

All About Lips #101

Essence Liquid Lipstick

Unlike many liquid lipsticks, these are not matte, rather they are shiny, which makes me think lipgloss, but because of pigmentation they call themselves lipglosses.

Here are the two shade swatched on my arm and both colours are really wearable.

I am quite pleased with these because I thought if I don't like them it won't be too much of a loss, essence being quite an affordable brand, but I actually really like both colours!

Just to show you my lips without anything but only lip balm.

Here I am with the nude colour and I think it is a very pretty colour that brightens up the face.

Here is a close up of my lips to show you that the liquid lipstick actually functions like a lip gloss just with better pigmentation and not super shiny.

I can actually totally see myself repurchasing this already.

Next is a brighter option which always works if you are in a rush and cannot be bothered to do so much more with the rest of your face.

I really love how it looks and again, comfortable and easy enough to use.

If you are looking for matte liquid lipsticks, this is not it. If you are just looking for a pretty colour and something sort of sheeny, you will love this, especially at the price point!

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