Sunday, 6 March 2016

Another luxola haul

I picked this up hoping it would not be too light on my skin but it is just a shade too light, which means I have to mix it with other bases or risk looking absolutely crazy.
I soon realise that this base, looks amazing on (even by itself) formula wise, it makes your skin look super radiant. However, I have combination skin and after about 2 hours, I looked SUPER SHINY AND OILY.

So, mixing it with another foundation or using another foundation on top of this, gives me the best results and I really like this used in that way! Let me know if you would like pictures of this product.

I picked this up to compare it to the Lanolips lanolin, but I can already tell you straight up that I prefer Lanolips because this Dr Lipp one is made in China and it just makes me worried. Also, I prefer the pink packaging of Lanolips. #packagingisimportant
However, recent instagram posts have me realising that Lanolips have changed their packaging to some retro thing and..... *howls* I wish they just kept the original packaging!

I picked up another Becca Beach Tint because I love the one I have in watermelon so much! This is the shade Guava.
I do think that watermelon suits me better because it is cooler and slightly deeper in colour, making me look less made up whereas this shows up more on me but is a very fresh look.

This sleek eyeliner was a complete fail. It arrived dried out and was already chucked in an empties post (my blog posts are scheduled because this blog is not my full time job) so I did not get to try it out at all and that much, is a complete disappointment.

I also picked up this wet n wild eyeliner and I don't know if you can see but the tip is slightly slanted/bent. The eyeliner is actually really black and pigmented. It swatches really well on the back of my hand but it drags a little on my eyes so I will not recommend this. Grab the collection one instead!

I also picked up this silver wet n wild shadow stick, and again, cannot recommend this. It was really oily and even though the colour is really beautiful, within an hour of wearing this (without eyeshadow primer) it just slid off my eyelids.
Here are the products swatched left to right : the dried out sleek, wet n wild liquid eyeliner, wet n wild shadow stick

The final product I picked up is this The Balm Autobalm Hawaii Driver License. I picked it up because I love the idea of palettes which have everything and lessen the need for individual picks and this was the cooler tone one of the two.

The blusher is really pretty and the pop of pink is right up my alley. The eyeshadows are actually really powdery and when I have worn it, I have had to take off my base and redo it because there was so much fall out. It is pretty and it stays on with an eyeshadow primer all day long, but I am a little scared of the eyeshadows now that I have tried them and they are so powdery. How is this going to help with my travel kit if it goes everywhere when I use it............
Anyway, if I change my mind I will obviously write a blog post to correct my view point!

Have you tried any of these products out?

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