Friday, 4 March 2016

Yubiso Haul

There is a new store in town and I went in to pick up a bunch of items.

Yubiso looks like Daiso but unlike Daiso, the prices are all different prices. I really wanted to get this glass bottle and I think that it is the most beautiful water bottle. I am so delighted that I manage to pick it up.

The other bits I have picked up includes the little power bank. It is just for one full charge for the iphone but it is so dinky and hardly adds any weight to my handbag so I am really pleased.

The soap and puff at the top of the picture came together and I picked it up mainly for the puff, so the soap which is made with oils, is really a bonus item for me!

The hairbrush is an interesting one and I thought it might be good for scalp massage and decent for even wet hair brushing because it is not too tightly packed. It is very intense for scalp massage and if you have knotty hair, stay away. I still use the hair brush but I will not recommend it.

This is a bit of a random blog post, but I really just wanted to show you all the water bottle I managed to get. Have you shopped at Yubiso before?

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