Friday, 19 February 2016

Look Fantastic Black Friday Offer - Box II

Box No2 is packed with some good stuff, so let's dive straight into it!

I have the original Dr PawPaw balm and I was not sure if the formula would be as nice in this one. I am happy to report that it is just as smooth and easy to work with. The only difference with the original is the packaging does not have a slant tip, which I find odd because it would have been even more useful in a tinted balm. I like this and if you are afraid of red lipstick, try this out!

I think I first heard about this on A Model Recommends and she likes it. So I had high expectations. I must say that first and foremost, Ren is a really nice brand and I have a few favourites. This cream has a lovely texture and it is not too wishy washy, while being non-overwhelming on the skin at all. The only thing is the scent of it, which has been noted by Ruth as well. It is really intense and I am not sure if I can get past it. It really is an issue, but I like the cream, so I hold my breath when I use this.

A hair product is almost always included and when it is an oil or a hair mask, I am extra excited! This Enriching Masque sounds really impressive and I am looking forward to trying this and reporting back!

Now, if a tinted red balm is too tame for you, or if you have decided that you are ready to try a red, this bellapiere red lipstick might be just the thing for you! I have a blogpost for all of you with swatches. So, check back for that!

I usually chuck a shower gel in my bag when I travel but I am less picky with shower gel than shampoo so I will use most things and this seems like a nice addition.

Lastly is this Ole Henriksen Empower Foaming Milk Cleanser. I am curious about this because I have never tried a foaming milk cleanser, but I don't like milk cleansers usually.. so let's see if I feel differently about this because so far, I have loved everything I try from Ole Henriksen.

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