Sunday, 21 February 2016

Look Fantastic Black Friday Offer - Box III

The final box of the trio is packed with pretty impressive items!

Starting with the Eylure Dramatic lashes, these will have to go to a friend because I cannot wear eyelashes that are this level of dramatic. I tend to wear really short lashes and naturals and even those make a big difference and va va voom on my eyes already so these will look like spiders on me.

I have been eyeing Molton Brown for a long time because.... well I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but the colours look so pretty! This one is Water Mint and smells quite fresh and actually is quite unisex. I'm saving this, for what I know not yet..... It just feels special.

The cult famous Eve Lom has a morning cleanser? I did not know that but think that it is pretty genius because the original formula is quite thick and I think it can be too much in the day time for a morning cleanse. So the fact that this is in a tube, rather than tub, and is marketed as a morning time cleanser, suggests that the team at Eve Lom realise the gap and came out with this cleanser! I will report back on this.

There is a wet brush in this, I think this one is called a squirt brush (very awkward name) and I would love this except I already have one! I will be gifting this to a friend because I am always using my yellow one. So I do love this, but because I already have one I was not the happiest to see this included.

A serum from Codage is a bit of an interesting one because I have not heard of this brand, but I like the packaging and how it looks so I hope this one lives up to expectations!

This a Lord & Berry glitter eyeliner in black. I use it sparingly because it is quite a statement look and I usually save it for the evening. It does transfer after really long hours and I will recommend using it with an eyeshadow primer. Not the creamiest, longest lasting eyeliner I have ever tried but a nice addition all the same.

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