Sunday, 9 August 2015

Clairol Root Touch Up

The inspiration behind this blog post came about when my mother stated she had been using this for 4 years! I think I first saw it and thought the idea of root touch up was perfect.

So without further ado, here is the wonder box!

As you can see, the box contains the all important instructions, a pair of gloves attached at the back (which I personally find amusing, handy but amusing nonetheless).

Of course, the box also comes with :
1. Permanent Colour Crème (1)
2. Colour Activating Lotion (2)
3. New Brush and Bowl

Having used this for a while, I have seen the evolution of the brush.
My mother says that it used to be mixed in the brush (I do not remember this) and the handle definitely used to be thicker but now it is prettier! I wish I had the old one to show you a comparison but that would be quite scary to keep.....

So after putting on the gloves, I poured in the (2) into the bowl,

which had been placed on a flat surface top. I just put it on the side table where I was going to help my mother with the hair dye. Then I squeezed in the (1) into the bowl.
I must say it feels a little counter-intuitive to go (2) then (1) so I think they should have labelled it the other way around.

Then, I mixed it all with the brush until the mixture looked completely mixed together. I then started to apply it to my mother's roots. She always gets me to focus on the sides and front, where it is more obvious and then to do the back of the head. I must say that I always have plenty of product leftover so fret not!

The best part is that the waiting time is only 10 minutes (15 if your greys are very stubborn) and then it is time to wash it off!

My mother does not even use a colour safe shampoo, she just use whatever is available and the result is always quite natural.

Now I have mentioned that I help my mother with this, but my mother is able to do this by herself, as she often does when I am not at home. I do enjoy helping her with this as I do not dye my own hair and this always seems quite fun and doubles up as bonding time!

Overall : Two thumbs up from my mother and I! Have you tried this product out?

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