Monday, 20 July 2015

Skincare Snobbery?

This post is scheduled for a little later, but it was actually inspired by this post written by Really Ree which I urge you to have a read!
Apart from talking about Simple wipes (which I am planning to try out), the important part of the post was actually skincare snobbery.

Now, I do not hide the fact that I have huge amounts of respect for Caroline Hirons and her take on skincare, but even she will tell you that what works for her does not work for everyone (most people, but not everyone).

Take mineral oil for example, so many people hate mineral oil. While I understand that mineral oil is a by product and is something which is so cheap and so us as consumers should not be paying so much for it, I just do not agree with the hate. I don't love mineral oil but I certain see no issues with using products with it!
In fact, the Shu Uemura cleansing oil's first ingredient is paraffin liquidium, aka mineral oil.
I love this stuff. No, the price point is less than ideal, but compared to The Body Shop offering (which has no mineral oil but has a .. scent to it which I do not like) I prefer the high end offering. Mineral oil and all.

There is a wealth of information out in the internet and now with beauty blogs, youtube channels, there has never been a time that information is so easily accessible. Nothing beats trial and error but I will leave you with two pieces of information.

1. My mother only washes her face with water, and she uses soap if she has make up to take off (eye make up is taken off with vaseline) and she looks at least 20 years younger than her actual age. Oh and she does not use SPF despite living in Malaysia. The horror.
2. A leading dermatologist in Taipei, who is even older than my mother, has the skin of a teenager. Yes there are a few lines here and there but apart from the grey hair, her skin could easily be mistaken for someone is her 30s (she's in her 70s). What does she use? Bar soaps and vaseline. In fact, she swears by vaseline and tells me to use a small amount after showering because mineral oil works to lock in moisture so there needs to be moisture.

Take what you will from this, but don't be too caught up. If something does work for you and the whole beauty world frowns upon it, hey it's probably okay. Obviously if it is causing you grief, try something new!

Ps. The next blog post is also something which will probably have Caroline Hirons throwing her hands up in exasperation! (no, not wipes...) Stay tune to read about it!

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