Tuesday, 23 June 2015

All About Lips #57

 By Terry Baume De Rose

A lip balm that costs so much that it makes me wince even when I think about it.

Is it worth the hype/price?

When I first received this, I did not want to like it.
Despite spending so much, I felt like I was being stupid and it was ridiculous. When I then first tried it, or tried to use it, it was difficult. The balm was somewhat solid so it was hard to scoop/scrape any. Nothing came off on my finger so I was not getting any product. So for the first few times I tried using it, I was not impressed.

Then, the magic happened. Not like a wham bam kind of situation, but the product started to be easier to scoop (a tiny bit!) and when smoothed over the lips, it is not overly shiny or sticky. It is just very pleasant and lovely.

The rose scent is not old or granny-ish. I am not a fan of rose scents but this one is pleasant.

So what am I saying?

This product is great, it really is great. However, I will not repurchase when I am out because this is way too expensive for a lip balm. I will continue to purchase the Nuxe Reve De Miel, which is pricey but no where as crazy as this, but worth every penny. I have also heard a lot about the Nivea Lip Creams which I bought the blueberry one for my mum and she had earlier bought me a caramel one!

Bottom line, if you can afford it, the By Terry Baume de Rose is definitely a splurge item. For the rest of us, there are other lip balms for us <3

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