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If you have never heard of matcha, don't worry. I'll give you a quick run down of what it is as I had a vague idea but I was not entirely sure so I did some research, just to share with you!

Instead of just regular green tea where you brew your tea and chuck the leaves out, matcha is grinding up these tea leaves and giving you the powder! Therefore you really get everything. It's a bit like soup, where people boil the carrots and chicken and throw out the ingredients and only drink the water, or consuming everything!

I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to try out teapigs matcha and having tried that excellent everyday brew before (which I blogged about Here and Here), I pretty much jumped at the chance!

The items came really securely packaged, only ever a good thing as there are breakables in the box!

A quick view of what I was sent: teapigs modern matcha kit!

The little teaspoon is really adorable, and while it is tiny, you really only need about half a teaspoon!
You also get a little cute button with a pin behind (what are these things even called) teapigs call it their matcha badge ;)

Here is an electric whisk which they included in the kit!

Here is the most important item in the kit, the actual matcha green tea!

Here is a breakdown of the kit that I was sent, which is the teapigs modern matcha kit, retailing at £35 (delivery is free from £35 onwards!) and it comes with

30g tin of teagpis matcha green tea (£25)
electric hand held whisk (£10)
shot glass (£2)
matcha info leaflet
gift presentation box (mine did not come with this, but if you buy it, yours will come in this sleek box)

At £35, you really get the shot glass for free and a nice gift box if you choose to gift this to someone.

If you are unsure, you can choose a 3g sample (£3) or if you decide that you absolutely love the boost of energy this gives you, you can buy the big 80g box at £55!
Like most things, the bigger it is, the more value for money it becomes.

As I am trying not to bore you with my enthusiasm and an entire lecture-like post, there are plenty of information on the leaflet they include, making sure you know absolutely everything about matcha!

Now....... for the fun part, how did I make this shot of matcha?

First I started with getting things ready

 and that includes grabbing the shot glass!

It really is at this point that I realise that the matcha teapigs has a seal, so I quickly opened it up. Do be careful, I made quite a mess in all honesty... Too excited, whoops!

At this point, I tried to scoop up about half a teaspoon of the matcha green tea powder and plop it into the shotglass of water! Don't fill the glass up too much, there needs to be enough room for the whizzing!

and TADA!

I'll confess to you, it was a bit of a messy event. I did spill some while whizzing it up, that electric whisk is way too powerful! (you may be able to see the slight water marks on the table whooops)
So be careful when trying this out for the first time!

I later tried this with my favourite coconut water from innocent (read about it HERE)
 *This is my favourite drink at the moment, the matcha just brings out the coconut water even more!*

and then I tried it as hot matcha latte and it is yummy! I recommend 2 teaspoons for this or it'll just taste like hot milk!

I think it is trial and error to decide how you like this best. I have not had it enough to know if it really helps with weight loss and energy. However, if you replace this matcha drink in place of.... let's say coke, of course it will make a difference!

I prefer this as a cold drink at the moment than a hot latte, but this may be because the weather is warming up and apart from my daily cuppa in the morning, I have not been going for hot drinks as much!

Will you be trying out Matcha this month? Let me know if you do, I would love to hear about your experience with matcha green tea.

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