Friday, 1 May 2015

Fav Five Bloggers

It's my parents wedding anniversary, so today is a bit of a special Favourite Five Friday!
I thought I would do people, but since this is a beauty/fitness blog, it'll be Favourite Five Bloggers!
(picture of Doodle because he is just so darn cute)

The Sunday Girl
Since discovering her blog through bloglovin', I have been really obsessed with it! I am actually unsure of posting schedules but I swear that there are at least a few posts each day!
I like the way she blogs and it feels like you are just talking to a friend and I always appreciate positive and negative reviews, bearing in mind of course that everyone has different tastes and need etc. I highly recommend checking her blog out and you'll probably be catching up on her blog posts!
Oh she also tweets and comments back, something I really appreciate from bloggers!

A Model Recommends
Better known (perhaps) as Ruth Crilly, I managed to meet Ruth at a Bobbi Brown Covent Garden event back in November 2014 and she is so nice! It always helps when you've met someone as it reinforces their personality and perhaps how you can interact with them. Again, Ruth sometimes comments back on twitter and she is always very open about any sponsored content or advertorials. She is really rather funny and a joy to read (and watch on Youtube).
I then met her at the Harvey Nichols "A Beautiful Mind" event in March 2015.

Caroline Hirons
THE Skincare Guru, thankfully she has a Youtube as well but her instagram, twitter and blog is full of incredibly useful information and she is not shy to express her views and opinions, something I admire and it can be slightly annoying if someone is always trying to be nice/sitting on the fence/too scared to have any opinions but you won't find any of that here! Sometimes when I am bored I just read up on product recommendation and different skin issues. The CheatSheets are AMAZEBALLS.

Ps if anyone is wondering, I met Caroline first at a Caudalie event in May 2014, and the second picture is an event at Harvey Nichols in March 2015.

British Beauty Blogger
Jane is really informative and there are always swatches and in fact, there are usually some quirky information, which can be really fun and nice because it can get a little eye-rolling annoying when everyone is posting about the exact same product due to sponsorship. Don't expect that with Jane, just expect plenty of honesty, and none of that "we all need to stay young forever" just plenty of love for every age - I salute!

Really Ree
Ree must be one of the most positive people that I read. I enjoy the swatches and really like how she includes pictures of how products wear on her. I am slightly envious of her eyelashes as I swear that every single mascara looks amazing on her. I also take swatches of lipsticks with a pinch of salt as Ree and I are completely different skin tones but that just goes to show how much I like her style of writing and blogging because I continue to watch!

I hope this little introduction to my Favourite Five Bloggers gives you an insight on my reading and if you don't follow them, for you to have something extra to read!

*I have specifically said blogger instead of youtubers because there are some youtubers I absolutely adore, such as FleurDeForce and Vivianna Does Make Up but I prefer their youtube videos over their blog content.

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