Monday, 18 May 2015

Holiday purchases

My only purchase on my trip away consisted of......


Hey, I went to Italy and I flew in to Milan, there was literally no getting away of KIKO which is based in Milan!

Anyway, no airport duty free shopping for me, but I did pick up 3 items at KIKO.
Two eyeshadows and 1 lip product (which doubles up as a cheek product)

Eyeshadow in 134 3g (brown)
Eyeshadow in 234 2g (purple)
I think I paid €2.90 for the brown eyeshadow and €2.40 for the purple ones, which are part of the clics system, because the clic ones were on sale.

This is how it looks blended out, and I must say it looks beautiful and I have no doubt it will look like a really nice flush. I would start with a little stripe of colour as it looks like a little goes a long way.

 Here's a quick look of the product on me, and I will be doing a full blog post on this in an upcoming AllAboutLips post!

I paid about €14.20 for everything so I am guessing the lip and cheek product was about €8.90, all are bargains! I was not expecting to love the free spirit lip and cheek product, but still bought it because there was a lady swatching it on the back of my hand and it felt so smooth.

I have since changed my mind and think that this is a beautiful product and I think it might be a good dupe for the bobbi brown art sticks at a fraction of the price!

KIKO prices are generally the same in GBP and in Euros, which means it is cheaper to buy them in Europe and the shops were a lot more quiet! Bonuses all round.

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