Tuesday, 26 May 2015

All About Lips #53

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector -My Pink

 The packaging really is just too pretty
I think Clarins takes this home with the packaging, compared to the Dior Lip Glow and the Clinique chubby stick baby tint.
However, the Clinique offering is 2.4g whereas Clarins only has 1.8g of product.
 Here's a close up of the lip balm

Here is a swipe of the product on the back of my hand. I think it works with the PH of the lips and so does not really show up at the back of my hand.

Here I am without any lip products

 Here is how it looks on (right half has the lip balm)

 Here is how the lip balm looks on my face

Just for completeness sake, here's a before and after shot
You can hopefully see that there is a slight sheen and my lips are a redder colour, enhanced but still looks really natural.

I do really like this lip balm and it has a slight vanilla scent which is pleasant and not overwhelming. However,  you may be able to see from the upclose shot of the product, it does not fill out the whole metal bit which means the product moves about a bit in the packaging when you are using it. ANNOYING.

Also, you get a tiny amount of product, basically about the gold metal tube length. So essentially, TINY.

I'll be testing this and deciding which of the three - Clarins, Clinique or Dior will be the ultimate favourite.

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