Tuesday, 12 May 2015

All About Lips #51

 Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Bright Raspberry

I was matched to this at the Bobbi Brown Covent Garden store, where I learnt that pink with blue undertones look better on me because it brightens my face! 

This is actually quite a sizeable pen and you get plenty of product for the money. The pen (thankfully) comes with a sharpener as it is not your standard size and although it does not last for 12 hours (about 4 hours) it fades nicely and leaves a pretty stain.

Here I am without any lip product

 This is a light layer of the product, blended in with lips smacking

This is the art stick with a bit more product for a more prominent look!

This is not a matte lip, but neither is it super shiny. It does transfer if you are eating or drinking, but unlike the Rimmel Provocalips, it does not slide around your face.

I am loving this art stick and would purchase more if there are other colours as I have already tried the nude one but it did not suit me.

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