Friday, 17 April 2015

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

So thankful to Sali Hughes for this beautiful serum.

*Spoiler alert : I LOVE IT*

I previously mentioned this in my March Favourites (read it HERE)
This has also been receiving a lot of love online recently. I saw InTheFrow mentioning it in her video and have read at least 2 other posts raving about this before this post!

basically this is a very light watery serum which absorbs super quickly and it is suitable for morning and evening.
I bought this for the evenings but loved to use it so much that I incorporated it into my morning routine as well.

I have normal-combination skin that was previously more combination-oily, but since using skincare more suited to my skin, it has helped my skin towards normal.

This serum has definitely played a part in reducing oiliness. My theory is that by feeding my skin with enough water, my skin does not need to produce as much oil to compensate.

I think that this is suitable for most people as most people, regardless if your skin is dry, normal or oily, tend to have dehydrated skin. This serum targets dehydration!

At £19, this is not the cheapest, but as Caroline Hirons will tell you, it is important to spend your money on serums over all other skincare products! I also bought this when it was 1/3 off, which Escentual hosts and FeelUnique and LookFantastic often do discounts on French Pharmacy Skincare.
This comes highly rated and I am pretty sure it will be a constant repurchase!

Included a picture of how much I have used, give and take 1/3 as the bottle tapers down so there's less than it seems. That's how much I have been loving this!

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