Sunday, 26 April 2015

L'occitane Pivone Sublime

Look at the goodies I picked up for L'occitane! I went in to try the Precious BB Cream, came out with a CC cream, lip balm and quite a lot of samples!

I already know that I like the L'occitane Milk Concentrate and I have used a few, but prefer it in the sachet than the big jar so this is perfect.
I also received a sachet of L'occitane repairing shampoo and conditioner.

Unwrapping the actual packaging revealed the two products I bought and 2 more samples.

Here is the L'occitane Pivone Sublime CC Cream and the L'occitane Pivone Sublime Lip Balm

This has a little squeezy tube and I like this as I feel like I have more control over the amount I use.

Here it is, a tiny amount, blended out. This is the medium shade.

L'occitane Pivone Sublime Lip Balm in Rose Amber
The colour looks slightly scary in the tube but as you can imagine, the colour is a very sheer wash of colour.
Top : One quick swipe
Bottom : 3 swipes

I have even included shot of me wearing it.
Left : no lip product
Right : Lip balm on

Then I thought while I am at it, I would show you how the CC cream looks on me. This is on the day the lovely lady at L'occitane Westfield Stratford put it on me. The pictures are taken in different lighting to give you a proper idea of it.

You may be able to see, the texture is really nice but just looks like skin. You don't need much at all.

Here is another day of me wearing the product and as you can see from the no make up picture (left) my face is quite a lot pinker than the rest of my body, and it shows on my neck.
Right : Half my face has it blended in.

Here is a close up of the face.
As you can see, my face is still a bit pinker than my neck. Although I realised later in the day that it adapts and looks more natural as I go along. I really like this and compared to the Clinique BB Cream, this is more natural even though it still has a pink tinge to it.

I also think that the BB/CC creams, especially those that adapt to your skin, adapts to my face, which is just more pink than the rest of me. Something to take note of for sure.

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