Monday, 27 April 2015

Lanolips Ointment vs Dr PawPaw

Arguably my two favourite go-to balms because of the ace packaging and the multi-use promises, I am in love with both products!

I feel like with both products, the texture is quite a balmy rather than creamy.
Top : Dr Paw Paw
Bottom: Lanolips
They do feel similar and when you blend them out, there's really no difference.

They are thick and I once had the Lanolips when it was really cold in London and I could not squeeze it out without a good, proper workout!

I do tend to squeeze the product out and warm it up on my finger by rubbing it on my lips or where I need it, cuticles etc.
I love that these have long lasting effect and are just so nourishing in feeling.

I think that the Dr PawPaw is cheaper than Lanolips, and may be my weapon of choice for that reason.
However, Lanolips has a nicer packaging and I don't find the slanty applicator of the Dr PawPaw helps in anyway.

I love a good multipurpose balm and I feel like when I am done with my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, I will not be repurchasing that as I prefer these.
I do own both the original and fragrance free versions, I prefer the fragrance free version (which I purchased) and the other one was given to me.

Overall : Tied position for Lanolips and Dr PawPaw but both triumph over the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

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