Tuesday, 28 April 2015

All About Lips #49

I don't know if you guys remember that I had 3 Sephora Cream Lip Stain and I did a post on it but I have now whittled it all down to 1 true love.

That is the 03 Strawberry Kiss.

In certain lighting this looks more pink (such as my previous post)  and sometimes it can look quite red!

 Here's a close up of the stunning colour

I took these two photos in Muriel's Kitchen after lunch (I had juice and a fish pie)
The photo on the left is before food, and photo on the right is after food!

I cannot rave enough about this formula and because I love this colour so much, I know I will be picking another one up when I am next at a Sephora!
This particular lip cream has been with me since........... a while now, so I really need a replacement but it has not gone off so I am just stretching it out until I can get a replacement!

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