Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fitness Haul

Okay, so this was not a completely "fitness" haul, but I had to justify this purchase from TK Maxx....
First up is the Ultrasun Sports SPF20
I have read that the new packaging is a spray I have no idea but this is a really good formula.
It has a very high alcohol content (so if you are allergic/don't like alcohol, stay clear!) but once you apply it (no hard rubbing required) it dries down almost completely matte and within 5 minutes it does not feel sticky at all.
I have tried this all over my legs and arms and so far and I am really impressed by how it feels. It is just not sticky and you forget you have SPF on. It is a slight shame that this is 125ml as I have to look for something to decant this to bring on my upcoming holiday!

Next up is the Nip+Fab Post Workout Fix
The rollerball is incredible  and these product are really best in this applicator form because you can really rub the sore spot. I managed to nab it at £2.99 and think it is a complete bargain!

Finally, I walked past a camping store and went in in search of this specific towel.
Lifeventure Trek Towel (Large)
This is 110cm x 62cm and weighs about 135g. It folds up into that little bag, comes in blue and pink.
There are other sizes, from about a face flannel to an Extra-Large/Giant size. I bought the Large as opposed to the Medium, which would be sufficient for a shower towel dry, because of my long hair.

Look at how absolutely thin this is and it really absorbs a lot of water for the teeny tiny size of it.
I am really happy with this purchase and I will be taking this on all my holidays as it really takes up very little space and weight!

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