Friday, 24 April 2015

Ingrown hairs - what to do about it?

I think that a lot of us are plagued by ingrown hairs.
This is not typically an area that is dealt with much, not as well covered as compared to makeup/skincare that is for sure, but this is still bodycare to me!

Avert your eyes/browser now if you think this is way Too Much Information for you! If not, keep on reading to find out what I do or use.
First of all, you will probably have heard that you should exfoliate.
Yes and No.

This depends on the area of ingrown hairs.

Legs/Arms : Yes, but please don't rub it raw and red!
Bikini/Underarm Area : Please be extra gentle!

I do use the same exfoliating washes, think Soap & Glory scrubs or I just lather up my Dermalogica Cleansing Cloth, which is a scrubby cloth with any shower gel and I exfoliate all over my body, being slightly more abrasive over my limbs and slightly gentler over my bikini area.
Think Level 1: Bikini/Underarm Area, Level 2: General Body, Level 3: Legs/Arms.

However, even at Level 3 strength, please remember that this is your body, it is not your enemy so even while you are scrubbing at a harsher rate, please do not be attacking it!

If you exfoliate more than once a week, (I sometimes go up to 4 times a week), the more gentle you should be! Also try not to shave at the same time of scrubbing. You should try to shave the next day where possible (and no scrubbing for the next two days)

I am quite lucky in that I do not get many ingrown hairs at all. Even when I do get one or two on my arms/legs, a bout of exfoliation will sort me out.

However, the bikini area, was something which I actually struggled with. I tried different methods (including aggressive physical exfoliation - which I do not recommend!) and different chemical exfoliants. I tried the XXX but when I bought Tend Skin, that just worked. My search was over.

Tend Skin works without stinging, but if you don't want to shell out, you could try any acid exfoliants that you use on your skin (think Pixi Glow Tonic, Peter Thomas Roth, Clarins Exfoliating Toner) and really you only need the leftovers from your face.

I do think that TendSkin really works and highly recommend it. I do not recommend chemical exfoliants for your limbs because it would just take too much effort and it is more expensive than getting a wash cloth/scrubby scrubs.

This Lycon Ingrown-X-it Solution that I picked up from Liberty is not as effective as Tend Skin. I have saved it for this post and to decant it into the TendSkin to see if the rollerball is the reason why TendSkin works.

I like to follow up with the Decleor Post Wax Cream as it is meant to help slow down hair regrowth and is soothing, I once had it in gel form, which I prefer but Decleor products feel very luxurious and a little goes a long way for these, especially because I save it for the bikini area. I can't vouch for the anti hair regrowth part (I was not scientific about it so would rather not say anything) but it is definitely soothing and is just very pleasant to use! I think Aloe Vera gel would be equally good on soothing but that is definitely sticky.

I tried not to have this blogpost too long but if there are any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment, and it may be easier for me to answer then as it would be more focused!

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