Tuesday, 21 April 2015

All About Lips #48

This Bella Pierre Cosmetics Natural Lip Pencil in Nude came in my February Look Fantastic Box (read about it HERE)
I was worried if this would be too light on my lips (which are quite pigmented for my fair skin)

but as you can see, this swatched nicely, with a slight mauve-brown undertone.
The pencil itself is not too hard and not too creamy, which is good for a lip pencil as one that is too hard is painful to use and one that is too creamy has a higher likelihood to smudge and move about.

I did forget to take a picture before, but here is a picture with my lips lined on the outer edges.

 Here they are, completely filled in.

You might be able to see that there is slightly less pink and the lips look a lot more matte after the lip pencil is applied.

Here is how the pencil looks, with the rest of my makeup done.

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