Friday, 20 March 2015

The Body Shop Sleeping Bouncy Mask

After trialing this for a long while on Caroline Hirons' recommendation, I can now tell you what I think, bearing in mind that I have normal-combination skin.

The Body Shop Sleeping Bouncy Mask

Here is how it looks like (I have used it for about 3 weeks at point of photograph)

and this spatula actually comes with the box

 I have tried to include a series of pictures to show you the texture is quite thick and not entirely fluid

 As you can see from here, the product settles as soon as you dig a hole, so when I tried to put the things I had scooped out back, it settled on top.

Just messing about here really.

Google+ kindly made a gif for me.

 After all that playing, it now looks like how it did originally. The Bouncy Effect.

I was using this daily for a week before I found out that it is not recommended to do that because the skin may grow reliant on it. Also, my skin is not exactly aged and need this, so once or twice weekly really is sufficient.
I must say I truly enjoy using this, hence bombarding the skin with it.

I always try to use this a while before bed so that it sinks in and not go all over the pillows. I wake up and it is fully absorbed, no residue and my skin feels fresh and plump.

I really like this, have you tried it yet?


  1. I'm quite tempted by this one...

    1. I really like this and a little goes a long way! It's not the cheapest thing from The Body Shop but it's good and it works for me =) Let me know if you end up picking this up!