Monday, 23 March 2015


I had a haircut!
I returned to Vidal Sassoon Academy after almost 10 months. I last had a proper haircut in April 2014, and my mum trimmed my hair ever so slightly in December.
Here I am, trying to get a picture of my hair pre-cut but it's difficult with the black robe!

So while waiting around at Vidal Sassoon Academy, I thought I would entertain you with my bun-head selfie

Here is the end product! My stylish Kim was really sweet

Here's a picture comparing the made up look vs the no make up no hair done look

And here is my hair long vs short

I paid £5 instead of £11 because I am still a student, but I think the haircut is really good and I would highly recommend going to Vidal Sassoon Academy if you need a hair cut but are not willing to shell out London prices.
However, you must have at least 3 hours to space (they are learning after all) and you may pick up a few tips about your hair, face shape and many things.

I am loving the new swish to my hair and you can get more information HERE
and simply call up  0207 491 0030  to book your appointment

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