Monday, 16 March 2015

A very special brew

They call it the everyday brew, I call it the very special brew.

Today's post is slightly different. I have just finished an exam (at time of post going up) and I am making myself a nice cup of tea and it is exactly that which I am proposing to talk to you about!

This tea was generously sent to me (along with that super adorable mug) by teapigs when I contacted them via instagram as they were reaching out to bloggers. I am not paid to write this, but the tea was sent to me.
I had tried teapigs prior to this and was suitably impressed and that is why I jumped at the opportunity. All views are mine and links are not affiliated, just included for your convenience.

I had previously written about teapigs HERE because I saw that they were doing a 50 packs giveaway to try out the real tea test, and hopefully some of you have managed to take advantage to try it out!

If not, teapigs offer sample packs which costs £1.30 for 2.
You can purchase the tea here

I really enjoyed this tea, and because the tea comes in silk tea pyramids, lovingly called "tea temples", they look really fancy and are a real treat every morning.

Now, whilst I enjoyed this, I also thought, it really is fancy tea.

This was my first cuppa and I had my best friend over so he had the bigger cup and I used the super cute everyday brew mug!
The rest of the pictures are my daily recordings of my awesome breakfast (LOL)

 Even a cheeky midnight snack involves good tea!

I would buy this as a present for any tea drinker in a heartbeat and think that it is a really beautiful gift, but on my student budget it almost is a little difficult to justify.

However, teapigs offer this everyday brew in loose tea form and it is much cheaper. No where as convenient as tea bags, this offers a cheaper yet, almost more luxurious version because you have to brew it in a tea pot and just have the time to enjoy your cup of tea.
The loose version comes in 100g or 250g and it will be £3.80 and £7.10 respectively, making the cups of tea at £0.13 and £0.09 per cup!
*The 50 tea temples cost £9.95 and so it works out to £0.20 per cup!*

The biggest difference in this 2 week trial is when I went over to my bf's place and had regular PG tips. Now, I have no problem with PG tips and/or the tea you can buy at any major retailers such as Tetley, Dilmah, Twinings and Lipton, in fact I first fell in love with English breakfast tea from good, old regular Tetley and PG Tips.
However, since having the everyday brew from teapigs, I have been spoilt and I can taste that PG tips just.. is not as nice. It leaves a slight after taste and I just really missed the teapigs offering.

Will I be repurchasing?
Not at the moment because I really cannot justify it. However, I will be buying this for the bf's parents when I visit because they drink a lot of tea and I think they will really like this and it is a nice present which suits anyone who consumes tea!

*I just placed an order for a box of 50 to be given as a present and a box of loose leaf tea for myself whoopsie*

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