Monday, 16 February 2015

Drugstore quick pick me up

My hair had gone a little crazy, so I decided to pick up some recommendations from my friend Besma.

Here they are.
Can you guess the little green box?

I bought a hair mousse to try out not blow drying my hair and simply braiding it to bed. Previously when I have tried the braid and bed, it had gone really frizzy and I have been recommended hair mousse so fingers crossed! I picked up the John Freida Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse because I wanted something which fought frizz and really could not decide.

This is the Charles Worthington Salon at Home Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer. I picked this up as it said it was suitable to leave in hair and go to bed with it and it will not stain so I am pretty excited to try this out.

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Intense Rescue Melting Balm. I feel as if I have heard about this from Fleur and Becky but I cannot be entirely sure as it has been a while but not only does this smell delicious (like the hair healer) I love melting this in my hand before using it at the ends of my hair. I leave it on as long as I can before washing it off. I will report back on how it works!

Last item which was technically the first which I picked up, was inspired and enabled by Caroline Hirons. I simply needed to try this and it comes with a little spatula.

Basically I had read Caroline Hiron's review on The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and decided that I needed to try it out and I can report that this is indeed an interesting sleeping mask.

I will be writing up on these items if they have made a massive difference after some trial and usage so stay tuned~!

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