Sunday, 25 January 2015

Merumaya Oil Review

I was recently sent a sample of a Merumaya Oil to test and I thought I would write about it as well.

This is a multipurpose oil and since I was asked about how it felt on my body, face, brows etc, I thought I would do it part by part and review it as such.

First off, this smells incredible, much like the rest of the range, it has a slightly herbally scent. Nothing too strong, just a faint scent. This is not a dry oil, it is an oily oil (sounds so stupid but I hope you know what I mean)

I tried this out like how I use all the other oils.

I first tried this on my face and I am still using this as a night oil under my moisturiser. I like to properly massage it into my face after cleansing.

I also used this on damp hair and tried it as a finishing touch after blow drying and decided that while it works for either, I prefer using special hair oils such as the Macadamia Oil while my hair is damp because it is thicker and feels more nourishing, and I prefer the Caudalie Divine Oil as a finishing touch because it is a dry oil.

I used this on my body and it is luscious for that purpose, but after the initial trial, I have ceased using it as such because I am saving this for my face!

It looks pretty yellow but does not show up so you can see it in the day time. It massages in quickly and nicely.
I also use this on my brows and eyelashes as it is safe to do so and I am happy to report that there is no stinging at all and in fact, I feel that my lashes have grown, perhaps from the stimulation or from the oils nourishing it!

This oil gets a whooping 8/10 from me because I never award 10/10 I think that is unrealistic. I must say the packaging means that I sometimes use too much product as it is a pouring out sort of container, but this is by no means the end product or packaging. 
This has been sent out for testing, so that the team at Merumaya can decide if they wish to improve or change anything about the oil.

I have high hopes for the oil and if the price is not crazy, I will be buying it when it launches. I already love the Merumaya Overnight Recharge Cream, Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm and the Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum.

These all come highly recommended by me.

Have you tried Merumaya out yet?

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