Friday, 23 January 2015

Makeup London Academy

My experience at Make Up London Academy

First off, my boyfriend got me a voucher and it was sent to my email on the morning of my birthday that I had a gift!

Three Hour Make-up Masterclass 

with Make Up London Academy

As promised, you receive a welcome drink and a goodybag at the end.

The class was split into two bits, with the first being a lesson and the second being hands-on practising!

We were first told about cleansing, how important it is (VERY!) and to clean from the centre of the face outwards. The teacher recommended using a toner (she uses rosewater which is very gentle) and to finish up with a moisturiser.

The difference with the application of day moisturiser and night moisturiser is that at night you should use your hands and really massage your face for good blood circulation, whereas in the day, using a flat foundation brush could help your make up last longer as fingertips have oils and massaging might stimulate the skin to produce oil.

She then taught us how to use eyeshadow powder to frame the brow and elongate it, as well as highlighting slightly under to really give definition to the eyebrow.
At this point, she moved to priming the eyes for make up. It was almost a bit surprising how the 6 other girls were not really sure about eye primer. Maybe they do not have oily eyelid like me, but eye primer has been a lifesaver for me and of course, I stick with my Urban Decay one through thick and thin.
Next she moved in with the transition colour for the crease. This is a matte neutral brown eyeshadow and she really worked it in the crease area. Then she picked a really dark colour to apply at the outer corner of the eye in a v-shape. She also advised us on colour, which is basically using contrasting colours to bring out the colour of your eyes. I have dark brown eyes, so I can pretty much use any colour I like!

Next she used a medium colour to tap and blend the dark colour out. A lot of blending is required at all steps of smokey eyes.

The teacher recommends a thin black eyeliner as you can thicken it if need be but it's hard to make it thin if you already have it thick.

Finish off with plenty of mascara after curling eyelashes (OF COURSE!) and false eyelashes are optional (but a bit of a must for me if I really am going quite dramatic)

My eye shape, being monolid and hooded, requires a different make up technique, which was revealed at the hands on version. It requires a wash of colour all over the lid, then using a dark colour to blend the outer edges and to make sure to make a clean sweep of the bottom to draw it all up.

At this stage, the last thing to do is to use a silvery eyeshadow to highlight the inner tear duct area.

Here, she cleans up any fall out from the eyeshadow  and then prime the skin with a suitable primer. Make sure to use a light primer if you have oily skin but to use a silicone one for more mature skin. This is quite controversial and I personally think that if your foundation is not silicone heavy, using a silicone heavy primer will cause your make up to bunch and roll! (This was applied with the same flat foundation brush)

Foundation is then worn, best applied with a stippling brush. She then used highlighter in a v shape under the eye area, ending the v at the centre of the cheek, parallel with the end of the nose. She then blends out the edges and this has quite a highlighting effect.

At this stage, she bronzed up the face, using an angled brush and going quite light, she then used a blusher on top of the bronzer of the cheek, and then highlight on top of that. Very importantly, she left two fingers gap from the nose, for the end of the bronzer, blusher and highlighter!

Lastly, powder the face with a loose powder by using pressing motions all over the face with a big fluffy brush.  Using the same brush after this step, you knock off any excess powder by quickly and gently brushing the face!

We got to practice this on each other, as there was 7 of us, one girl decided to practice on herself, whereas the rest of us practiced on each other.

I had quite a lot of fun and Suzie and I both used warm browns on each other. I sadly, do not have any pictures of the look but I will be looking to recreate it.

The goodybag included 2 business cards, a voucher and a Mac Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Salmon.

This course is £199 but there is an introductory price of £39. I am unsure of what was paid for this Amazon deal, but I think it is worth the time and certainly something new and fun to learn, as well as to practice on another girl!

My next All About Lips post will be featuring Salmon!

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