Tuesday, 20 January 2015

All About Lips #35

Remember that Clinique Black Honey set which I have just received as a belated Christmas present?
Well, I could not wait to try it out and decided to do an All About Lips post on it as well since I am at it!

Here I am without any lip product

 Here I am just wearing the moisturising lip gloss on my bottom lip

Here I am wearing the Moisturising Lip Gloss all over and it does give a hint of colour and plenty of juicy pout. It does not really smell of anything and feels like a typical gloss, not overly sticky but nothing too wow-ing.

Here I am, wearing the Black Honey lipstick on my top lip.

Here it is, all over  my lips

 I actually prefer the lipstick as it gives a slight colour and you can sort of build it up slightly.

I also included this picture so that you can see the Clinique Black Honey Nail Polish in action as well!

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