Thursday, 8 January 2015

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein, a brand which my mother likes and one of the only brands she uses, and we found it in Switzerland, so guess who went on a little shopping spree?

 The two items bought are foundation and mascara.

This is the stand at the Globus store, unfortunately lighting made it really difficult to capture a proper picture!

My mum went to look at foundation and was recommended this one.

Here is the Helena Rubinstein Colour Clone Foundation.

Here is the Spectacular Extension Mascara, 

recommended specifically for my mum.

 Here is a shot of my mum in store and outside in natural lighting, with the foundation and mascara.
 I really ought to have taken a before, during and after shot, but I was quite embarrassed/shy, but the foundation looks good on my mum. It is quite exciting!

Then the lady offered her a goodybag with an anti-ageing day and night cream, as well as a cleansing milk.

 The lady then asked if I would like a goodybag as well. Uhm YES?!

 I received a peel which she recommended me to use once or twice weekly

As well as a mascara to try out.

I will definitely be writing up reviews on these as it is very much a luxury brand!

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