Tuesday, 6 January 2015

All About Lips #33

The first All About Lips Post of 2015 and we start off with....


Here are the two lip products, a lip treatment and a matte lipstick in Hibiscus.

Here they are, swatched on the back of my hand.
 The treatment is the sheerest wash of pink while the lipstick is quite a statement!

 Here I am, sans lip product

And here I reappear, with only the right side applied with the lip treatment.

Here is the full works of the lip treatment on me.

Here I am, with the matte lipstick!

The Face Stockholm Lip Treatment is alright, but it is not anything amazing. I much prefer my Dior Colour Reviver Balm, which is slightly more pricey, or I would get the Korres Lip Butter as they are around £8 and a beautiful wash of colour. Both these items also feel more nourishing than the Face Stockholm one.

The Face Stockholm Matte Lipstick in Hibiscus has been gifted to my friend. I think it is a beautiful pink, slightly neon, but it really accentuates the yellowness of my teeth so I just do not wear it. I have gifted it as it is not a cheap lipstick. The formula is alright, but I have used better matte lipsticks.

Overall, I am not too inclined to try Face Stockholm anymore.
I am sorry this post is slightly negative!

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