Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cetaphil - review!

I never really thought of purchasing this, but my brother brought this along to our little holiday in Switzerland so I have been using this daily, morning and night to test it out!

Here is how the liquid looks
It is more liquid than creamy, and is kinda pearly white and translucent.

It is really gentle, does not foam up, but rinses really clean.
I use it as a second cleanse in the evenings after removing my make up, and so far I do not have any adverse reactions to it.
I do find it sort of basic, which is good for teenagers and if you have really good skin to begin with, or for men as well!
You can use this on dry or wet skin but just massage it in and rinse it off.
This is lanolin-free, but I do not have an aversion to lanolin but might be of interest to people.

I would probably prefer to use this in the summer rather than in the winter, where I prefer something more moisturising and rich, but this gets a thumbs up from me!

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