Friday, 2 January 2015

Fav Five - Brushes

This was certainly difficult to whittle down, but here are my top choices for all my make up brushes

First up is the MAC 217 blending brush
This is pretty much talked to death by beauty bloggers, but it really makes eyeshadow so easy. The idea is to put the colour, blend it out (with this!) put more colour and blend it out more and you end up with a beautiful professional looking make up! This is natural hair and I may buy another one as I really enjoy using this.

Ecotools eye liner brush
One of my favourite drugstore brands, I find this really good and cheaper than Real Techniques. Frankly I also prefer the wooden/bamboo handle.
I think everyone needs an eyeliner brush as the precise angle is helpful to get a precise feline flick, or to use for eyebrow shading, or to get dark eyeshadow right at the root of the lashes.
Whatever your ammunition, this should be your weapon of choice!

Ecotools blusher brush
Another oldie and a goodie. I got this alongside the Ecotools Eyeliner Brush in a set and it has lasted me years. I do wash them often to keep them sanitary and although I love other soft brushes, this performs beautifully and is an excellent blush brush. I have no complaints and it still works so I will not be purchasing any other.

Ecotools Powder Brush
The last of the Ecotools featured is a powder brush and is my latest addition. I had bought a stippling brush and have another eye shadow brush as well, but this powder brush is LOVE.
It is big and fluffy and soft, making powder application easy and not over the top. The new ecotools look fancier with the pewter bit encasing the bamboo, and the print "ecotools" is not as dark.
I find the quality of Ecotools excellent and cannot recommend it enough!

Shu Uemura Brush 20
This Shu Uemura brush is my most expensive purchase but is a real multitasker. I like to travel with this as it triples up as a highlight, blush and bronzer brush. I do have a separate bronzer (Bobbi Brown) and blush (Ecotools mentioned above) brush each but this works great for all purposes and so it saves me space!
It is natural pony hair and needs to be shaped after washing but is a real beauty to use and work with and I love it.

I actually love most of the brushes I own, but these are the ones which can take me through most events, even black tie ones.
I would recommend getting an Ecotools basic kit, and definitely a MAC 217 if you play with eyeshadow. The Shu Uemura is a bit too much for me to just recommend, but it is a really good brush and if you are looking to extend you collection, why not treat yourself a little this New Year?

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