Saturday, 27 December 2014

Little finds in Lucerne, Switzerland

I tried not to buy anything, but it was almost inevitable not to pick up anything.

Here are the few things I picked up.

Essence Nail Polish Remover
This is acetone-free and I will report back on how efficient it is in removing nail polish.

Essence Beautifying Nail Candies
This 6 in 1 promises to strengthen, brighten, fill in ridges, smell nice, as well as to give a high shine finish.

I picked up the Essence nail polish and remover firstly because the Maybelline and L'oreal offerings were quite a lot more expensive than the UK offering. Also, I have heard quite a bit about Essence without ever trying it out so I thought it was a god opportunity to see how it is and if I really hate it, I do not have to bring it back to UK with me.
At CHF1.80 and CHF2.95, I do not think I am making too big an investment in these items.

Migros Hair Brush
The hair brush I had initially picked up one, but ended up going back for 2 more, the white for my mum and another teal one for me. The brush is just lovely to use and at CHF7.80 does not break the bank.

Milette Baby Oil

This Milette baby oil was the only one I found when I was looking for a baby oil. I beleve Milette is Migros' own brand but cannot confirm this. I typically use baby oil for various things, including soaking the hair overnight, using it lightly after washing, and sometimes after showering all over my body to moisturise.
This has a faint smell and I do not mind it.

These have been my little finds in Switzerland thus far, but I will keep you updated!

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