Thursday, 25 December 2014

Duty Free Shopping at Heathrow Terminal 5


A week ago, I was at Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting for my flight to Zurich, Switzerland.
Of course I could not resist browsing at the duty free but because I was with my mum, and we were slightly pressed for time, I only picked up two beauty items.
(We also picked up a bottle of alcohol and a flask)

Here are the two items, which are both repurchases, oldies and goodies.

The Clarins Lotus Oil and the Dior Colour Reviver Balm- Lip Glow

I love both items and have been holding out to pick them up at the airport.
I was tempted to pick up a Clarins Instant Lip Perfector but will try to finish one before I pick another up.

Partly why we ran out of time for shopping was because of this great breakfast that we had!

The pancake was accompanied by sugar, maple syrup and fruit coulis, the fruit coulis was really yummy, especially on top of the soft, buttery pancake.

This japanese pancake was full of prawns, chicken and the sauce just made it beautiful. I prefer this because it was something different and just really nice.
Oh and this was at wagamama, a bit of an eye opener for me.

So I only picked up two beauty items, and I feel rather proud of myself.
How has your duty free shopping experience been? Did you show self-restraint?

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