Friday, 5 December 2014

Fav Five - Foundations!

I think I may start another thread for myself.. which is a Fav Five Friday!
Basically, this would like a Top Five items, which I find easier than having to do only three, and thus having a "Top Three Thursday" or something...

Anyway, I digress, but perhaps I will start with only 1 post a month, and then work my way up with it.

Today's post is inspired by Anna from Viviana Loves Make Up and her Top 5 Foundations.

So far, my all time favourite, desert island foundation is the Shu Uemura Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation in 964 Medium Light Honey.

This is a very yellow undertone foundation, the most yellow one I have laid eyes upon in fact.
I love that it is matte, but not a dry matte, rather it looks like my skin, but a lot better, exactly what a foundation should be.
I think this is a light to medium coverage.

Another foundation which I really like is the Lancome Miracle Air De Teint Perfecting Fluid Matte Flow Creator.

I have this is shade 01 Beige Albatre and it really matches my face. My face has a more neutral undertone whereas the rest of my body has a significantly more yellow undertone, so this does still wear quite naturally on me. This is again, a matte formula and a little goes a long way. It cannot be built up, and the coverage is a light one, leaving the skin looking fresh.

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation
I had the wrong shade of this foundation and have since gifted it, but I love how easy it is to travel with. The foundation stick is really soft and easily blended and it is a full coverage stick but can be worn quite sheer, as I personally prefer.

Bobbi Brown Compact Foundation
Another favourite of mine for evening events, I tend to save this for dinners and where I want my make up to be flawless and pristine. I really like this for a full coverage look and I tend to buff it in with a stippling brush. (mine is from Ecotools).

The last foundation, is not even a foundation but a CC Cream from Bourjois.
I have this is 32 Light Beige and the colour is good on me compared to most of their foundations which are slightly too pink. I like this on days where I just need a tint of coverage or when I am running late and do not have time to do the entire face routine, so I just wash, serum and slap this on top. It is quite a natural finish, not too matte and certainly not too glowy.

Here are some swatches of the four foundation which I own,
Top Left : Shu Uemura
Bottom Left : Lancome
Top Right : Bobbi Brown Compact
Bottom Right : Bourjois

Here they are blended out

As you may be able to tell, I prefer a matte finish and to add shine where I want it with a highlighter. I do have normal-combination skin, so more towards the oily side, and I worry that a glowy foundation would be too much. On days where I prefer a glow, I just mix in my highlighter with my foundation.
I also have more high-end than drugstore face bases but that is because I believe in investing in a good foundation if you are going down the route, and I am rubbish at trying to find my shade so at high end make up counters, they do the job for me!

I hope this has been helpful and let me know what your favourite foundation is!
Ps. Do you guys find the white paper swatching helpful?

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