Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Birthday Goodies - Part I

Birthday Birthday Birthday!

I labelled this Part I because these are the goodies I got, from myself for this birthday!

(well I considered them presents to myself to justify the shopping)

First up is this BEAUTIFUL Limited Edition shower gel from Lush - So White
 This smells incredible, looks like snow, smells like clean, crisp apple. I also have the bath bomb as I am going away for my birthday (when this post goes up) I will be taking a lovely bath in the coutryside. I love this and have been using it everyday since I bought it! (Note that I bought the biggest bottle available)

Clarins All about Lips
 The box it comes in has been recycled immediately after I poured the contents out.
 Here are the two instant lip perfectors, a lip gloss and a lipstick!
 This is the full extent to which the lipstick extends (THE HORROR) and I actually tried the lipstick in Boots Bond Street (the lady was super nice) and Woodrose a beautiful MLBB shade on me. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear.

Here is a present I shared with Anna from Space NK.
 This trio of Lipstick Queen Chinatown cost £18 and I kept two of them since I already have one of the shades!

 I personally already have the shade Chase, so Anna kindly took that off me, and I kept the other two.
 Here they are, and the two which I kept are beautiful neutral shades, which I will be doing a post on soon!

These are the presents I bought myself as a treat for my birthday so far, and I have bought my Christmas present as well (how naughty I know!) but I will be putting up a post of the lovely things people have gotten me for my birthday to share the love with all of you!

I also picked up a scarf from Liberty which I have asked my parents if they would like to "gift" to me. I might do a post on it but for now it is still all wrapped up and pretty. I almost cannot bear to open it up and debut it!

The last thing, which is more of a Christmas present to myself, is a Harvey Nichols Glossy Box! I ordered it, it is here! I will do a separate post on its goodies but here's a cheeky picture of it (or two)!


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