Saturday, 6 December 2014

Birthday Goodies II

I actually started celebrating my birthday exactly two weeks before the actual date on the 3rd.
Basically Anna came to visit me on the 19th and I took that as a birthday treat from her, and all the shopping done was justified by way of birthday ;)

First up, I got this beautiful bracelet from her,
which I think is really pretty and cute and dinky.

I hope the four leaf clover brings me plenty of luck for this academic year.

Then exactly a week before my birthday, I went out with some A-Levels friends for dinner.
We decided quite last minute to head to Smoking Goat near Tottenham Court Road Station.

It was a bit of an eventful night as I got lost using City Mapper, which led me to School of African Studies, about 15 minutes the wrong direction, and my friends lost our table because a pregnant lady was there and so they felt bad making her wait. What happened next was an extremely long wait (2 and half hours) but the food was incredible, and the staff were super nice and friendly.

Not only did we get free champagne and a few round of drinks, we also got one of the mains, a chilli crab dish which I high recommend on the house!

We did not take any pictures, partly because we were starving, but my friend Elaine managed to snap a picture of the scallops (on the house as well) before they were devoured!

Here I am, looking strange because of the lighting, but let's focus on the super cupcakes!
 They were bought by Elaine from Primrose Hill and are the best cupcakes I have ever had.
I find Hummingbird Bakery too sweet, so if you have the same problem, maybe check out Primrose Hill Bakery!

Also, here is a cheeky selfie. The eyeshadows used were all from Naked 3 and I tried out my Ardell individual lashes for the first time, adding 4 to each outer corner of my eyes.

Then came the weekend and Ainaa actually came over to my place and gifted me this beautiful topshop dress. I tried to take a selfie of it, and then I took it with my birthday scarf, the one I bought for myself and then could not justify it and got my dad to agree to "gift" it to me as a present.
 The dress is actually quite heavy and has floral patterns which I did not notice until I looked at the pictures I took.
The scarf is 100% silk and the pattern is just gorgeous. Thank you to the lady at Liberty who helped me while I was being super indecisive about the scarves.

Then I went out for dinner with Sarah Marie that evening, and I thought of doing a outfit shot. The dress is from ASOS and boots (which I am still loving) are from Office.

This was my face of the night, I did initially wear a red pout, then a pink, but decided on a nude pout.

We went to Hawksmoor at Knightsbridge for dinner and steak was fantastic, the peppercorn sauce was not great, everything else, including my virgin mary was delicious but the deciding factor was the dessert.
I think it is fair to say that a hazelnut chocolate dessert with gold flakes is a winner.

*bonus brownie points for being on the house; waiter and cloakroom woman all wished me happy birthday as well!*

Because Sarah Marie knows me well, her presents are really just.... Joy.
Snowflake earrings - yes. Ferrero Rocher -YES!

And these from Yee Ling!

The hat is super cosy and the ballerina flats are hung up on the wall because they are very pretty.

I also received many cards and wishes from people so thank you all for this wonderful birthday!

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