Tuesday, 4 November 2014

All About Lips #24

 I just watched a pretty old video (2013!!) of Tati and she mentioned the Lancome Gloss in Love so I went to look and dig around for mine and then found the Lip Lover and thought I would do a post on both products!

Here they are, swatched on the back of my hands.
Top : Gloss In Love - 351
Bottom : Lip Lover - 333
I do wish that Lancome would put the lovely names on the tubes as well and just not just the boxes which I have since chucked!

As usual, we start off with my (super sexy oh yeah! LOL) lips without any products

Here I am sporting the Gloss In Love, and you probably can tell that it is a little mauve-y and very glossy.
 Since it is a Lip Gloss, it is very shiny and not very pigmented, more like a slight tint of colour.

Here I am wearing one coat of the Lip Lover
 I love this.
I forgot how much I like this and it feels very comfortable, almost like a liquid lipstick but comfortable and easy to wear.
I also really like Lily collins and her super eyebrows, so it does not hurt that she was the face for this product.

Here I am sporting it with two coats
 As if I could not love this product more, you can wear it sheer/opaque.


I am more a matte lips girl, than a shiny lips girl, but sometimes when the rest of your face is matte (or completely bare like in this post), a little bit of gloss and shine on the lips will be all you need!

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