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Inspired by Fleur's video on her top 10 under £10 Mascaras 

so I thought it would be nice to do a comparison of all the mascaras I have.
I went to have a dig around my bag and found.... a grand total of 13 mascaras!

Many of these are samples and I do have a few YSL Babydoll because I am obsessed with it.

I do think that mascara is a very personal thing. Some people prefer big brushes and some prefer the plastic wands. Some want length and some need volume.
I personally like both big brushes and plastic wands and have disliked mascaras with either of the brushes.
What matters first and foremost is the results and then the ease of application and then the price.

Let's start with the Lancome Hypnose Mascara.

I have a few of these as they love giving them out in samples or any goody bags.
Surprisingly, this is one of my favourite Lancome mascaras, the other being the Virtuoso Mascara 
This has a big brush

 it really helps comb the lashes out for the voluminous look. I like big brushes as they are easy to use.
I have purchased a babydoll version of the Lancome Hypnose and hated it.
The full size formula was too wet and really weighed my lashes down, but the original (which I have only had samples) was always amazing.
Both Lancome mascaras retails at £22.50

Next up is the Clarins Be Long Mascara.
I actually cannot find this online and it may be an old product as I received this quite a while ago as a free sample/gift.
I have not had time to test this out yet but will be doing so and writing a supplementary post on it if I love it.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara
I have the sample size but the full size costs £21 and had a beautiful gold packaging which looks very luxurious.

Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara
I have heard so much about this mascara and sort of saved it up to use.
The big brush is really neat and the rows of bristles is almost beautiful to look (stare) at.
The mascara formula actually smells of roses, not the artificial rose smell but the rosehip sort of scent.
I know many people love this, and it does smell better than drugstore mascara (which just smells chemically) but I do not love the scent.
It has not yet offended me but it is not a plus point for me.

The results with this mascara is actually naturally long lashes with slight volume.
It lengthens more than anything else and does not clump even with 4-5 layers, a first for me!
However, with a name "Faux Cils" I expected more dramatic effect.

This is one for girls who can afford the £35 price tag and want something really defining and lengthening.

Clinique High Impact Mascara
I actually do not hear much about this mascara. I know Suzie from Hello October loves the mascara but I have not really heard anyone else commenting on it.
I have not gotten round to it as well but will be similarly writing a blog post on it if it blows my mind.

YSL BabyDoll

This is my second full size tube and I have another in a box as I bought them at a discount.
I also managed to convince the lady at the Debenhams Oxford Street counter of how much I love and need it so she gave me a travel size (Score!) I am saving the travel size and so have not opened it to use at all. I have since given it to Bob to trial.

This is so far my Holy Grail High End mascara. It does everything and is perfect bar the steep price tag of £24.50
This was actually my introduction to plastic bristles
and I love the effect on my lashes. It also smells nice!
The price makes me weep but at least I can weep with nice beautiful long lashes?
The price tag is in fact, the reason I have continued with my perfect mascara hunt.
I may have found mascaras I prefer, but I don't really know how I feel about them in entirety yet.

So I thought I loved plastic bristles and thus dived in to try Amelia's favourite drugstore mascara
MaxFactor Clump Defy Mascara

This costs £10.99 so it is not the cheapest of drugstore mascara but I thought I would give it a try.
It did nothing for me apart from coating my black lashes with a colour of black.
After taking the picture for this post, I have binned it since I know after the few uses, I really do not like it.
I thought I would love the plastic bristles wand but it was actually really difficult to use and I kept getting mascara on my eyelids!
I do not like this mascara, AT ALL.

Next up is another plastic wand mascara and it is the Loreal Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black

Like the MaxFactor this is a bit pricey for drugstore at £10.99 but this is a really wonderful mascara.
It is the closest I have been able to find next to the YSL Babydoll.

The plastic bristles are longer so it is slightly messier when I apply mascara but that is probably just me and my useless lashes.
I will be repurchasing this when I run out.

The next two mascaras are from Maybelline because Maybelline is just famous for their mascaras!
You are bound to find one that you like because they have so many.

First, the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express (waterproof)
I accidentally picked mine up in waterproof, which means I have less love for this product than I should.
The plastic bristles means I get plenty of volume but I just do not love it.
I prefer the Loreal one and will be sticking with that for plastic wands.
This is £7.99

Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express

This is well spoken of in the beauty world and many people love it.

It has a big brush and reminds me of the Lancome Hypnose mascara.
It is very easy to use and builds volume quickly and nicely.
The first time I used it it flaked a little on me but subsequently I had no issues.
When I compare this to the Loreal one it gives me less volume but looks more natural so I will be repurchasing this as well.

My favourite drugstore mascaras are the Maybelline the Falsies and the Loreal Volume Million Lashes.
My favourite high end is the YSL Babydoll.

What is your favourite mascara and do you have a preference for the wand - brush or plastic bristles?
Or are there any which you would recommend for someone with short, stright, stumpy lashes!

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